Dr. Lynne Beal is a Psychologist in Private Practice in Toronto

Dr. Beal has more than thirty years of experience as a psychologist in private practice and with the Toronto District School Board and its legacy boards. She fulfilled roles as a supervising psychologist and chief psychologist, and provided direct services and consulting services.

  • Registered Psychologist in Ontario since 1981
  • Canadian Register of Health Care Providers in Psychology, listed since 1986
  • Certificate of Professional Qualifications in Psychology, Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards since 2001

She has published professional articles on learning disabilities, gifted children, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Her accomplishments include:

  • Project Leader for the ABCs of Mental Health, an internet-based resource for teachers on children’s mental health developed for the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre in Toronto 
  • Project Director for the development of Canadian norms of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – III

Some of Dr. Beal’s awards include:

  • Meritorious Service Cross, Governor General of Canada, 2018 for research and service to veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Commendation Award, Ministry of Veteran’s Affairs, 2002, for research and advocacy on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder which led to changes in the Canada Pension Act
  • Award of Merit, Ontario Psychological Association Section on Psychology in Education, 1997, for contributions to psychology in education
  • Syl Apps Special Achievement Award, 2007, for a distinguished contribution to the field of Amateur Sport as an International Judge in sailing
  • Scroll of the International Sailing Federation, 1996, for work at the Olympic Games
  • Ontario Sailing’s President’s Award for international contributions to sailing, 2012

Some of Dr. Beal’s affiliations and contributions include:

  • Member of the Association of Chief Psychologists with Ontario School Boards          1990 – 2010; President from 1992 to 1944
  • Member of the Ontario Psychological Association and Section on Psychologists in Education
  • Member of the National Association of School Psychologists since 2006
  • Member of the Canadian Psychological Association
  • Member of the Ontario Minister of Education’s Advisory Council on Special Education, 2002 to 2008
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